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"Strange to see us dropping away"

Posted by:Chris Yonts (‘chris@yonts.net’)
Posted on: 25 Jun 2002
Perhaps it is strange to see "you guys" dropping
away, or growing older, like all of us, like everyone.

Watching the effects of time passing on people is
one of the weirdest concepts there is. "The horror
of space and the terror of time," as B.O.C. put it.

Years and years of holding those black-and-white
CBGB photos in one's mind puts them into a kind
of immutable eternity, and then to see Dee Dee
and Joey pass away is hard to accept as reality,
even in this physical world.

One thing is for certain: They and you have touched
a lot of lives and affected many, many people for
the better. Life would be a lot harder to take without
the ability to transcend the everyday and the

And this transcendance is probably an eternal
reality in a parallel world we have yet to discover.

Some day this may all make sense....

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