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with love

Posted by:Thaedra Johnson (‘bonnielass71@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 2 Jul 2002
Let me just start by saying it IS strange to see you "dropping away". I am just now 31 years old, and I have been a "punk" fanatic since I was 12 years old. My first influence... the Ramones! Since then I have searched and searched to find the true meaning, and the true orgin of this thing you and I call culture, and I have found many, many, strange and interesting answers. Just today I decided that I absoloutely had to have a Germs record and a Richard Hell record-TODAY! Luckily, I have access to a great record store, and I picked up copies of "Germs-MIA and Richard Hell&the Voidoids-Destiny street" within minutes, which ultimately led me to this site. I wasn't expecting to come across such a moving tribute to DeeDee, and I must admit it caught me off guard, THANK YOU!!! In my quest for knowlage for all that is "PUNK" I had almost become desensitized to just how great the Ramones were, and how far they went without ever really "selling out". Joey's death was so widely publicized, and romanticized, I can remember the exact moment I heard, DeeDee unfortunately was an underpublicized "rock-n-roll overdose", but no less tragic all the same. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are still many of us who really do know the score. We are still keeping tabs on all of you, and when one of you is lost, we feel it. I grew up a little bit later, and here in the great Northwest I had the pleasure of coming of age with soon to be idols such as Kurt Cobain, and I must say that of all the research I have done ("Please kill me"-Legs McNeil, "Vacant"-a diary of the punk years, "And I don't want to live this life"-Deborah Spungen, etc. etc. etc....) Richard Hell... you are my favorite. Please stay healthy. With love, a true enthusist.
P.S. From all that I've heard, seen and read, Malcom McLaren based much of his stylings for his rock-n-roll dreams on you... Thank you for never letting that lead you astray from what you really do best! You are truly what "punk rock" means and stands for on the lips and in the hearts of outcasts everywhere. XOXOX

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