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A last goodbye to Dee Dee

Posted by:Heiko (‘heiko@ramones-club.de’)
Posted on: 21 Jul 2002

YOU will be part of Dee Dee Ramone's last recording!

No joke, we fans just want to say farewell to Dee Dee - and a great way to do it is to put our names on his last recording! Never before in the Ramones history such a thing had happend. Easy idea behind it - and also easy to do it.
On the upcoming Dee Dee Ramone / Terrorgruppe split release we want to print as many names as we can get on the sleeve - so don't hesitate and put your name on it right now! First comes, first serve - no garantee.

Sign your name direct here:


No need to say, it's absolutly for free!

The upcoming Dee Dee Ramone / Terrorgruppe Split E.P. will be a 10" Vinyl (also available as Diggi-Pack CD Single) released by Wanker Records in co-production with Trash2001-Records in Germany. Originally it was planned to make a 7" Single with one song by each band. Now this release will have two Dee Dee songs "I Got a Right to Love her-if I want too" and "Horror Hospital". Plus Berlin punks Terrorgruppe do a cover of Boney M's old hit "Sunny" and one song they've just recorded as a special tribute to Dee Dee.
The 10" will come in a gatefold cover. The front is a painting Dee Dee did with his wife Barbara and Paul Kostabi (from Youth Gone Mad) for this release and on the inside all your names will be printed!!!
More news about it on our pages. Please spread this message around and tell every Pinhead you know that they sign!


Heiko - www.Ramones-Club.de
Nick - www.Wanker-Fanzine.com
Paul - www.Trash2001.de

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