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World Trade Center

Posted by:Anwar Ul Haque (‘haque@comsats.net.pk’)
Posted on: 23 Aug 2002
Dear Friends: Peace be upon you all.
It is abundantly clear that neither Osma nor Taliban had the capability to control USA air defence for hours and to fly Anthrax bugs from Tora Bora to Washington DC and New York. If countries like Afghanistan which can be classified as 4th world nations (I have yet to discover 2nd world
nations!) can attack USA so easliy then all money spent on USA defence has gone waste. All the videos made so far by Bush are fake to the extent that even a six year old intelligent child would recognize these as fake. The pictures of so called OSama on the title page of Newsweek when compared and contrasted with the real picture of Osama published on the title page of Times are so different (If anyone wants I can scan and mail so that you can judge yourself. My contention is that it is the specail interest group which held entire America a hostage by bombing WTC themselves in order to justify Bush's attacks on Afghanistan. This is to create a "moral and ethical" justification to attack a poor country and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women and elderly. The picture is quite the same when we see attacks on Red Indians and then Holywood movies to provide justifications. It is high time that the truly educated Americans come forward and carry out a detailed inquiry into entire drama. How can one tarnish the image of USA and allow killing of ordinary citizens of USA as USA soldiers for the cause of filthy rich and corrupt politicians. WIthout a fair and open trial the Americans must not allow USA attacks agaisnt any country. In the past such attacks had ultimaely led to demise of the super powers like USSR.

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