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rant poem about our situations

Posted by:keith (‘ziggymop@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 28 Sep 2002
what's a bush boy to do boy
what kinda world are we in boy
complete with murder death underneath a beautiful sunset
hold hands or break man
action has reaction, just ask jupiter
it kinda breaks my heart livin in exquisite ether dirt
i have no plan, no sense of pride, but it still makes me cry when i think of those killer jets in the sky makin modern ape think
i;m not john lennon but the impossibility of peace shouldn't be that bad
romeo and julio can holds hands
not in afganistan, but it nyc
this new age lacks a sage and his name sure the hell aint;t George W BUsh, so until we are in the currents up above , all you need is lovers and haters to look one another in the eye and share a twinkie

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