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Sid and Nancy

Posted by:Deborah olin (‘Killerchef@aol.com.’)
Posted on: 11 Dec 2002
what richard said was true, we were alot younger than, the only thing that shocked me was him saying he dated Nancy..,and i thought i knew eveything that was going on. In the movie Gary OLdham was Perfect.,and the only reason i could watch it. Nancy would of Hated that actresses behavioral portriat of her. She wasnt that anoying! And Johnny Rotten was unfairly presented too. it made him look like a Jackass and a pig and he really wasnt. I didnt like the whole london Punk scean the way it influenced so many idiots to come to CBGBs which i considered my own turff it was like oh there goes the neighborhood, the best bands came before all that Television Heartbreakers Dolls whatever band Johnny Thunders was in. THE VOIDOIDS!!!! Blondie the ramones, i also loved the mumps and lance loud the sweetest guy around. after the pistols is seemed alot of idiot xroxed bands played and the press was always outside I hated the spiked hair saftey pin in the face look too. as ror ripped jeans id been wereing them since i was 13. I think i was one of the few goirls there that had a legit job I was a chef, fed alot of staving muscian friends. I hated the 50lb make up look. I knew and admired Debbie Harry, I wanted to be a pretty girl like her too and i was, so looking like a normal pretty girl got me alot more attention, and respect and on every guest list in town. I never supported any guy either, buy your own guitar strings. they used girls like Nancy and went home to the womwn they really loved . I was no throw away i just had to mention that because of richies true comments of alot of the girls, Many were friends of mine. And i dated a FEW of the muscians.,though im not here to drop names. I was treated alot different, When Nancy met Sid it was a match made in heaven and hell it was she always wanted a ROCK STARR and for him a mother though Nancy was as deadly in the end as his own who bought sid the herion he finally died from. I think had Sid never met Nancy he might have survived. at least a bit longer. I think he was an innocent kid really caught up in something too big and crazy for him to handel. My biggest regreat was they didnt Play NY i hated there manager for that..Texas? yeah he knew that would be a story. Any way i stll remember turning on the tv and seeing Leon (NEON) talking about nancy getting stabbed. At least in the movie it shows it was an accident and how it might of happened, Ill never believe sid would of killed nancy purposely, never. But i hate to admit i felt more sorry for Sid, Nancy got what she wanted, and she wasnt a well person mentally too begin with, in her whole life from what her moms said.,Sid was a victim for him I cried poor kid looking back..,he was just a baby...

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