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Hell in Television

Posted by:Philip Obbard (‘pobbard@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 23 Dec 1999
You can find Hell's own bio at ww.richardhell.com/HellBio.html. The first two pages cover his time in Television.

But the short version - Hell was in the Neon Boys with Tom Verlaine and Billy Ficca c.1973. They never played live and only recorded six demos in 1973 (3 with lyrics and vocals by Hell can be found on an Overground CD single released earlier this decade - two of these same tracks were on a Shake EP released in 1980). The Neon Boys split up and reformed in early 1974 as Television, this time joined by Richard Lloyd as the second guitarist. Hell subsequently left Television around March of 1975, shortly after recording demos for Island Records (produced by Richard Williams and Brian Eno) and playing the Little Hippodrome, where they opened for the New York Dolls.

So, Hell played on some TV demo recordings, but had left Television before they made their vinyl debut with "Little Johnny Jewel", in the Fall of 1975.

As I said, you should read the on-line bio - it's got pictures, more detail, and better grammar than what I've written here!

hope this helps,

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