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thanks and greetings

Posted by:Richard Hell (‘in forum heading’)
Posted on: 7 Jan 2003
I want to thank everybody who's sent friendly messages about our marriage. Thank you. Everything's sliding along pretty smoothly. I'm glad to be married. Right now both the women in my family are frantically wrapping up their college applications--Ruby, seventeen, to be an undergraduate, and Sheelagh, twenty years older, to graduate school. It makes me wish I had some exciting news I knew I'd be expecting in two months. But I guess their news is mine too. I’m mostly working on my new novel. I expect it to be done by the fall.

Regarding the other couple of things that've been news lately--George Bush and Joe Strummer--the first thing that comes to mind is that things'd be a whole lot better if they could have traded places. I don't want to be wishing even Bush dead but he has about the brains of a pop musician, whereas it would be cool to have Strummer in the White House. Never mind. I didn't know Strummer that well, though I was around him a lot for three weeks in 1977. Ivan, guitar player in the Voidoids at the time, was friendlier with those guys, though it was more with Mick Jones I think. Ivan played some on a record or two of theirs (as per "Ivan Meets G.I. Joe" on Sandanista). Strummer did always seem like a solid guy, and he definitely had principals which is rare and he did his best to make his band's career consistent with those principals. That's a cool thing that originated for teenage music in that era and the Clash probably did more than any of those early bands to set an example.

As for Bush's warmongering on behalf of his rich friends and in order to force political support by wrapping himself in the flag, along with his basic redneck frat-boy bullying “values,” I don't have much to add except that we're planning to join the marchers in Washington again. It’s boring to march. If I could afford to I’d be tempted to try to hire someone to go for me, but I feel like absent that option I have to go because it’s the way to possibly have an effect. If I can think of something less trying I might do it instead though. I will do what I can. For what it’s worth I encourage anyone who opposes him to march in Washington or San Francisco on the 18th. You can find out how and where to get a bus to the demonstrations at www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/j18/j18contacts.html.

Happy new year everybody.

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