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YES, lucy

Posted by:zauberkraut (‘hannah@hannahworks.com’)
Posted on: 9 Jan 2003
Yes, I TOTALLY agree, in this environment, I have found the Daily Show, when I watch it, is the best thing to watch all around, as far as news goes. They've even actually been commended by "straight" sources, right? News on NPR still pleases me, but I no longer drive around at news hours and listen to it as much as I used to could. I also live so remotely (I also have worthless satellite) that most radio stations come in a little poorly out here. But, i remember one week before september 11 2001, there was news on NPR announcing that the government had just completed trials that showed that we were completely unprepared for chemical or biological weapons attacks, and that they were pretty concerned about the possibility, and this was nowhere, nowhere at ALL, on CNN, as far as I could tell. All that was on CNN, you may recall, was the Chandra Levy Circus. Fortunately, lest we think that things might have changed in any way, CNN was able quickly to convert the terrorist atrocity into the War on Terrorism Circus, so I relaxed again. Seriously, yr right, Binaoh, having some foreign news feed would be pretty nice. Uh, I think this is enough of a rant, sorry!

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