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Daily Show and Punk Rock

Posted by:BINAOH
Posted on: 10 Jan 2003
Before I start, if Richard is reading these comments, he must be amused at how his Greetings and Thanks turned out..haha

I love the daily show..I love punk rock. Both venues point out the atrocities that are carried out, but in a context of either comedy or anti-establishment tone. The problem, as I see it, is that the majority of people know there are issues in politics that need to be corrected. Comedy and music have always been the "soft" side of venting issues. The mass public tune into these types of forums to listen and agree. My question is why don't we speak up earlier when our political representatives (that we put in office) start doing things we don't like...Richard made a comment that protest marching is boring. Sure it is...but it's necessary. We (and I'm talking not only the American public), but anyone should be able to speak their piece (peace) in the same tone the politicians speak. I think the major problem in America is that the majority of public don't even bother to vote...but we don't have a problem blasting when the politicians start their own self serving purposes....

And as for the News....I remember immediately after the 9/11 attack, there was an article about how the Top Generals flew to Hollywood to meet with the elite to brain storm about what types of scenarios they could come up with on a NEXT attack so the Generals could start putting in place pre-emtive measures. My thought is, if the Generals need to go to Hollywood to get ideas..they shouldn't be in there positions in the first place. My guess is there is more behind this story that meets the eye....There was a movie out called Wag the Dog....watch it sometime...it's a hoot and I hope that what happens in the movie doesn't really happen in actual life...

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