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The Stones o yea.,But the Velvets...?

Posted by:Deborah olin (‘do11214@aol.com’)
Posted on: 14 Jan 2003
Johnathan.., Im happy to hear you love the Stones., maybe on this site alot of people wouldnt think its cool to say that., but I really love their old stuff .,with Brian Jones and when they were real bluesy.., and doing stuff like "Confessing the blues."., and "Down Home Girl" ect. Its only my opinion but I think Let it Bleed was there last GREAT album., though Brian Jones is only on part of it and they lost alot of what I felt made them "The Rolling Stones"., after that I only bought a few of there albums usually best of to get just the "Hit songs" Im not a big Ron Wood fan., he"s to me just a Kieths clone echo, and I firmly believe they never would of become as big or great as they did without Brian Jones ( poor sad fucked up baby., that he became, so tragic). Though I still remain a big fan of "The Stones" because of Mick Jagger the greatest frountman and Kieth because he is Kieth and Ian Stewart(R.I.P.)., Charlie because their The Stones!! I cant think of any band that has managed to keep it together and generate as much energy and that excitment that is Rock and Roll., and there still doing it., it sounds even lame to hear myself say it but they are still so cool and I still get excited Im really looking forward to this Saturday at the Garden which will be on HBO. As far as The Velvets since you asked me they were before my time I never saw them I do have some of there stuff. They were very unique for that time very New York bleak arty sorta beatnik-bohemium., singing about drugs in a very decadent kind of ultra-hip cool way in the 60s but they were never even in the same building as The Rolling Stones" and there kinda depressing., music to nod out to.,( And I thought personally Lou Reed by 74 was very creepy and an egotistical jackass) and though I remember Suicide and Alan was a nice guy I totally ignored there music I heard it once and said oh no thanks and they were just backgroung noise to me., only being honest Johnathan but they had alot of fans and if your one of them thats great people should dig what they want to. As for The Ramones they were truly unique in every way I remember the first time I saw them I sat there stunned then I was hysterical laughing not at them I just thought they were alot of fun and they just blasted through one fast short song to another Joey was very odd looking but his voice was great., he was sorta singing like he was English., not a jewish boy from Queens I thought they were a cartoon come to life and Id bring all these "straight" people down to see them just to watch there reactions., jaws dropping looking totally puzzeled at first them loving them. I think they started a definite style and trend thats been copied over and over but only The Ramones could do what they did the way they did it ( does that sounds stupid?) do you know what I mean and they got better over time espially when Marc Bell joined., and they were such characters.! but despite the fact that they do belong in the Rock n Roll Hall of fame and they were one of the great bands to come out of the whole CBGB punk rock thing they arent anywhere near The Rolling Stones or Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Ramone was no Jimmy Page. I couldnt listen to them over and over., my head would start spinning then explode., but there fun. Its not like putting on Hendrix"s "Electric Ladyland" and listen to Voodoo Child jam and lay back and groove and be able to listen to it over and over.through the years to me that beautiful and incredible music. but if The Ramones do it for you great., Id rather hear that then if you were saying I really loved Whitesnake or Poisen or Ratt ect., . Theres another band that alot dont want to admit were incredible The Beatles., but they were in a class all of there own.., so I still feel what I said was valid., it was just a good time that overall changed alot of things but no-one ever got direct credit., a few got lucky not necessarily the best but the most commercial. .,You just cant expect that Television would of have a hit record., and not because they werent GREAT. And thats that. Im sorry to hear about yours and everyones post AIDS sex life. It really puts a damper on it when you think this may kill me even with a condom., . I dont know how anyone can really enjoy sex and lose yourself in it and feel spontaneous and free with that little voice whispering in the back of your mind I hope I dont get aids., I hope this is safe what if its not what if a condoms not enough what if it breaks is this person a big slut who have they been with..,ect I know it certianly freaked me out and changed my life., and frankly its another one of the reasons I didnt want to hang out anymore whats the point Id sometimes think. Not everyone will admit it but sex was a big part of the fun of hanging out., more than the music that was just the soundtrack for the nites escapades just like the song The Voidoids did Down at the Rock and Roll club., not everyone was an impident junkie not even Thunders though he"d joke that he was. Anyway hopefully theyll be a cure someday for AIDS and Rock and Roll will never die even though the people that make it do! So Rock on Jonathan any way you want to! and god bless Kieth Richards hes still standing., amazing..,

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