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Moratorium on Iraq discussion here

Posted by:Roy (‘webmaster@richardhell.com’)
Posted on: 25 Jan 2003
I am exercising my tyrannical dictatorial powers and proclaiming that for the present political argument is banned from the board. It has dominated discussion for a week or two and it doesn't seem to have gotten anywhere except make people angry at each other. It is appropriate subject matter in that Richard has made his position clear on Bush's war policies here -- some links at www.richardhell.com/action.html -- but now plenty of other people have had their say too and it isn't going anywhere. There isn't any real information being shared and to my mind the purpose of the Forum is the sharing of interesting information.

So please, for the time being, don't start any new threads about government policies and activities. I'll just remove them if they're started. If you really can't help yourself you can go on adding to existing threads, including this one, as long as your post fits the guidelines -- you don't insult any other Forum participants and the post is vaguely relevant.

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