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Tony Machine? were'd everyone go?

Posted by:Debbie O (‘11214@aol.com’)
Posted on: 7 Mar 2003

Anyone know what happened with Tony Machine, the drummer? He played with David Johansen for a while
He was one funny character, he dressed in suits, and carry his stuff in an attache case handcuffed to his wrist, so he wouldn't loose it when he went out drinking
He said he often woke up in the flower garden that runs down Park Ave at LEAST, it could of been worse, but he got tired of loosing his stuff..,
Just wondering if anyone knew
Anyone remember that guy with the cane and the mountians of clothes, lived on Saint Marks Place Slyvain Lived there and Johnny Thunders did to.I remember them arguing in the street once over a old station wagon and Johnny kicked it
I was with a boyfriend and he joked "oh look theres your man! whats he up to now." Not Frenchie..,
Anyone remember Johns friend WACKO?

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