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hey, roadent

Posted by:Hannah (‘hannah@cruelgenius.com’)
Posted on: 25 Apr 2003
It's not so indictable that someone doesn't resist the urge to defend himself or his art, even if it fails to live up to that old "never apologize, never explain" thing...

By engaging a little bit of dialogue several months ago on this forum, Richard made it clear who you were by posting a link to an interview, and I would guess that James and anyone who read his review and took the part about you at face value were glad for the clarification, I was. The literary part, meanwhile, was just interesting, and was never an attack on Richard - and again, I know I gained something from the conversation, which I wouldn't had he not been bothering to explain. I just don't like this, "he's grown soft" implication? Or maybe I'm just defensive, being someone who gets criticized from time to time for compulsively explaining myself...

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