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The truth!

Posted by:TomGreen (‘TomGreen@nyc.com’)
Posted on: 27 Dec 2003
9/11 was terrorism,for sure.But it came from within.There's just too much evidence that you could just simply shut your eyes and negate it.Finally I found an article expressing what I feel and think.Thank you,I almost lost my belief in the intelligence of the American citiziens.While chatting in the internet with uncountable people I felt so annoying.They just repeated over and over again what the mainstream press wants us to believe-we are good,they are evil.Damn rubbish.They don't even want to look at the facts.Wasn't it the case that Bush had already plans for wars against Iraq and Afghanistan long before he was elacted (actually it weren't his plans-he's just a marionette of the industry,furthermore of the NSA,CIA or FBI). Didn't he just need justification to exploit those countries?
He(President Bush) is always talking about our war against terrorism but what I ask myself why don't we attack North Korea,too? This country just started a large nuclear program and we don't even care(even though North Korea is a thousand time bigger threat than Iraq and Afghanistan together). The answer is simple. We just have no interests in that region... (but let's wait for the moment they'll find oil there... We'll be definetly there and fight evil...)
Instead of this we attack Afghanistan,a poorer country you can't imagine. For what? Oh yeah,I forget Usama... Mhh,I look back in history,just twenty years ago,who financed,supported and trained Usama,as well as sponsored him with modern weapons? It was our CIA in the fight against the USSR in northern Afghanistan... And nowadays he (Usama) turns 180 degree and starts a war against the ones who pay his bills?! I beg you and Oswald killed Kennedy,never heart funnier stuff...
The real reason,why we attacked Afghanistan (and every educated people will easily undestand it) is a pipeline,not any pipeline but a very important one leading oil from northern Asia (what a pity I can't remeber the correct name of this place,but its' oilfields keep more oil than even Saudi Arabia can call its own!) to India. And what needs our country (really world's greatest nation... ...in wasting energy and natural ressources) more than oil? Nothing! Everywhere they have oil there we are (Colombia,Iraq,Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia,Turkey... just to name a few). Did you know our government leaded negotiations with the taliban about a contract that should give us the whole power over this pipeline? A pipeline that worth is barely countable. Of course the negotiations failed(the Talibans are bad but not stupid!)in August 2001. Just a month before 9/11,what a coincidence... Now,you can draw your own picture about it...
If you are still not convinced that 9/11 wasn't an act of Islamic terrorists but of our own government than go on reading:
Right a month after 9/11 a 234-sites-long law was passed(and people who have just a little knowledge of policy know how long it actually takes to work out,present and pass a law...).It sais that everyone suspected to be a terrorist can can be detained without any decision of the court (definition of terrorist according to that law: everyone who doesn't agree with the government's policy...). So I hope you'll see what they trying to take us:our freedom of speech. If you don't agree to what bush says you can get arrested (not depending on if you are a US citizen or not!)without any chance to be listened by the court,this is fascism! Sorry,a hard word but it's true! It's like 1933 in Germany where the "Reichtagsbrant" took place. Nazis burned down the "Reichtags" and accused communists for having done it. Only days later Hitler passed the "Ermächtigungsgesetz" which gave him full power as the leader and eliminated all civil rights. That's what president Bush does nowadays step by step and most of us still cheer,poor cuntry... They try to enslave us,just like they try with the rest of the world...
9/11 was engineerd by our government as tough as it may sound.But they just needed a reason to pass those laws and to go into war with those countries. The one who knows the U.N. charta is in advantage to realize why they needed 9/11. The charta sais a war of aggression is punishable,you may only react to an aggression. That's why we needed that "fake" to reach our aims.Please realize what's going on in our country our politicians are walking over dead bodies (our dead bodies-9/11)just to enlarge our already mighty power,who cares about 6000 lifes if we earn still more bugs,by commiting such a crime,please weak up America!! The enemy comes from within!!!And if we don't stop him it will end up badly!
Still not convinced?Okay!
Let's come to other facts.
Remember mid eighties location Baghdad:Can you rememeber Rumsfeld and Saddam shaking hands like best friends? We supported him to use him as a threat to the USSR. When USSR broke down we didn't need him any more,so we accused him to have abc-weapons (which were never found and if he(Saddam) really had some,he got them from us(The U.S. is selling more high developed weapons to third world nations than any other country...)). We invaded and didn't get what we want(control of the oil). We said then we wanted to fight evil(like we're doing today) but what we created was evil.We totally cut them from world's trade and increased poverty inflationarily. No wonder they hate us today(and I guess they are not the only ones...).10 years later we are back in war with the same stupid arguments,that insult my intelligence.
It's no war against evil everybody can see.It's a war for power and control nothing more.The oil sources in Iraq have been sold to American companies years before this war started(Yeah,we just wanna fight evil,no other interests,huh,huh...)... Of course,Saddam is bad,but we are still worse...
Sorry,but I love this country and the world's liberty too much to take all this blindly and willingly!So I beg you to do this also and think about everything twice. Sometimes things that seem to be obvious are totally vice versa...

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