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right to moan

Posted by:Hannah (‘mejane@cruelgenius.com’)
Posted on: 12 Feb 2004
I thought the article was completely groan-inducing, and don't find it one bit overwraught for you to have responded the way you did. Since it's a good publication, you've at least got the benefit of it linking over to your reply, which might actually mean that a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise know better will get the story straight. I think the article just comes off as naive and possibly even kind of dull-witted. I definitely immediately caught the strong "punk scrap" connotation from the piece, and found this kind of stupid-cheeky-novelty tone threaded throughout the rest of it. I also thought the Verlaine stuff was a bit weird, and also the way The Voidoids were like not mentioned - if memory serves - despite Blank Generation coming up.

The good thing is that I really think that an intelligent person who cared about art and culture but didn't really know about you would read it and think from the actual things mentioned - the small press stuff, etc. - that you were probably way, way more interesting than this sketchy article was able to convey or perhaps see. Like, I think, if I didn't know who you were, I'd still think all that same stuff about the tone of the article, except I wouldn't know about the heavy-handedness with mention of Tom, I reckon.

Leland was at least smarter than this guy I saw on the British news recently, talking about John Lydon in the aftermath of his leaving the bad reality tv show. The man was some kind of music reporter and was just all flush-cheeked and eager to "analyze" what had gone on with John, talking from some other location to an anchorwoman, and it was just a self-crucifixion of the reporter. He was all eager to talk about "punk" and the wily ways of Mr. Lydon, and the best part was when the anchor said something about Johnny having said some pretty rude things to you in a hotel one time, and the reporter responded, avidly, that, yes! John had shouted at him to fuck off, called him a cunt (or some string of what I'm sure were totally sincere insults and epithets), gone storming from the room, not to be seen again (no doubt in typical punk style), and what a fantastic time he (the reporter) had (the implication being that he was wild and cool enough to roll with the punk punches).

I really hope the book gets sold to a great publisher, and soon, and I'll tell any publisher who asks me the same.

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