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dee dee

Posted by:Eric (‘freeskater88@skateboard.com’)
Posted on: 9 Mar 2004
well, im a newcomer to all this stuff, im only 15 and Richard Hell is an amazing person to me, but this isnt a post for that, so back to the topic

being 15, i feel ive missed a lot, strummer's recent death is heartbreaking simply cos i know ill never meet the guy

dee dee seemed to be the heart of the ramones, as Hell put it, and its a shame so little recognize that

there arent many like dee dee or Hell around, being different, making a change, and stirring things up

hopefully something as revolutionary as the 70's punk scene will happen again so i can have a little taste of what things were like back then, i truly feel ive missed out

anywho, dee dee seemed a great man, and i feel disappointed knowing ill never meet him

im learning bass, and aside from Hell, dee dee is it for me. i listen and learn from him, and i thank him for that, for just being an inspiration.

but enough babbleling, lets go play some music

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