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Has more than a person pased away

Posted by:jerry (‘jweinstein8@nyc.rr.com’)
Posted on: 30 May 2004
Years ago I remember a conversation with a freinds cousin in her kitchen. He said the Ramones were the greatest thing since the Beatles. I thought they sucked. I was a snob that had grown up on rock and roll but was now into jazz and could not be bothered.

Years later, after falling back in love with rock and roll I remembered the conversation. Finally, after a while I began to realize not only that the Ramones really were great but that Dee Dee was the essence of that band. He was the living incarnation of an certain type of person. As you say, someone who played dumb as a defense but who had a wit that was right on and oh so funny. I can see how his personality was one of the most imporotant ingredients of the Ramones.

It kind of breaks my heart when I read anything about him or by him because I start to remember those times, back then. New York was so different, things meant something.

I often wonder if things really meant more back in the seventies and eighties or if I was just younger and thought things meant more. Did New York City change that much. Is this no longer a place that can produce the likes of Dee Dee Ramone, a music scene like there was back in the seventies, a drug scene like there was then (for better or worse).

So the point is, does the passing of Dee Dee represent so much more. Is it also the passing of a time and place that will never be repeated and, more importantly, the passing of a New York City that will never again exist. The passing of the creative spirit in New York City where people were real, and open and who they were and everything was not dictated by facist politicians that have the public scared into being automotans that have no creative energy and are too scared to really live. Is the passing of Dee Dee the passing of all that or, am I just getting old......

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