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Student Teachers release

Posted by:David Scharff (‘david@fierce.com’)
Posted on: 16 Nov 2004
Hey Antoine...

Interesting...maybe the Feelies had singles out on both sides of the pond. I remember that bands often sent stuff to Rough Trade and Stiff because they were putting out more records than the labels here in the states...as evidenced by the short discography I posted of ORK...

ORK had such a huge influence on other labels and yet they released less than ten singles in the first round and a half a dozen in the second.

As for putting Student Teachers' stuff out on CD...plans are afoot to celebrate our 25th anniversary of our last gig (Halloween, 1980) with an enhanced CD release of all of our studio stuff, a couple of live tracks, and even some rare video footage of us playing Hurrah's in 1979.

I'll post here about it when more info becomes available.


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