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Posted by:anonymosity
Posted on: 11 Dec 2004
It was sad, especially with RH reading and breaking down during it. Ivan was taking it hard,they went thru the loss of Bob all over again, not that they will ever not be hurt by it. As Jahn (sorry for posting you were John) and Dennis said it was good to see the survivors of our gen all together again, especially some of my old partners in crime (you all know who you are). People came up to me and it took me a few minutes to remember them (Dougie), not that they didnt look the same, just that the brain cells are shot. I wish I brought a camera could have done some great then and now shots. It was very sad but also happy in that I was so comfortable being there with them like I went back in time.Bob didnt travel with us not in corpus anyway, but his spirit had no choice but to be there because we all willed it so, hope he wasnt too pissed.

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