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We seen him!

Posted by:Vern Fetzer (‘vfetzer37@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 19 Apr 2000
My wife and I seen Richard last night at the Make-Out Room. It was great to see him and also pick up a few nmore of his books.

Needles to say, it was incredible to see this guy after 20 years of reading his interview in Punk #3 over and over. He walked around and talked to everybody like a regular guy. Some ass walked in front of the stage and extended his hand to him in the middle of the reading. RH, being the gent he is, shook it.

He read from "Wanna Go Out?" "Go Now," and his new novel-in-the works. Very much like a weird Burroughs experience with the spinning mirror-ball reflections and the red walls...I was trippin' out. Musta been FUN for him up there, tryin' to read.

Some of his better comments:

"In my mind, San Francisco has always been like a big birthday cake with puke in the gutters!"

"These lights make me feel like someone's going to come up here and stab me. I shouldn't have said that."

"This book [Go Now] is a fictional account of a sort of has-been punk-rocker junkie type."

"I was walking with my daughter one day...I told her how the clouds in the sky looked like they represented some sort of language that I wish I could understand...she pointed out a cloud and said, 'that one says SHUT UP!'"

Thanks, Richard! You're a "has-been," an "are" and a "will-be."

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