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Draft 2: We Seen Him!

Posted by:Vern Fetzer (‘vfetzer37@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 19 Apr 2000
Draft 2 of my post re. We Seeing R. Hell in SF

Title: "We Seen Him!"
(Bad inside joke between me and I think someone else; phrase requires an accent: either "hick" or "heavy Brooklyn." cf. "We ain't seen him!")

Paragraph 1, Sentence 1: "My wife and I seen Richard..."
(makes the "hick" pronunciationseem more appropriate, somehow.)

P.2 S.1
"Needles to say..."
(A junkie pun: intended, meant to be funny! Oh FUCK off.)

P.2 S.1
"...in Punk #3 over and over..."
(I have read other interviews; this was my intro to RH, so I like it the best and still read it every Sunday night at 7:31. RH runs psycho-analytic circles around Legs McNeil. Dramatically off-balance interview. Made me uncomfortable first time I read it, cuz you see, I had just walked in on dad and mom and....)

P.2, Last sentence
"..RH...shook it."
(The hand, not the stage or the ass.)

Re. His Comments:

"Some of his better comments."
That is, aside from the reading. I refer to the off-the-cuffers.

San Francisco as bithday cake:
He didn't just say, "San Francisco is a birthday cake with puke in the gutters!" -- it was more like he was at first trying to make a picture of something really old-fashioned and fancy and ornate, but with a decorated feel to it, like a birthday cake or a gingerbread house or some such thing. THEN he smiled slyly, perhaps upon realizing what a great clay-pigeon of a comment he had set up and quipped "...ya know...with PUKE in the gutters...BODIES on the sidewalk...." Blew that birthday cake all to hell!

"These lights make me feel like someone's trying to sneak up and stab me. [pause] I shouldn't have said that."

"...punk-rocker junkie type."
Don't quite remember if he added "junkie type," but he did use that phrase subsequently while reading from the book. (VERY good selection from "Go Now:" scoring speed in San Fran -- the audience loved it).

"I was walking with my daughter.."
He went into more detail about "cloud language" than my paraphrased rendering.

They set up a little table near the stage to sell books before the reading. R. Hell himself made a little price list on a piece of paper with a ball-point pen.
(He's gotta be the most charming guy in the effin' world, OK?!) Toward the end of the reading he looked over and said, "That all we got left?!" He was surprised he had sold so many books -- he should have brought more! He easily could have sold 20 copies of "Blank Generation" too.

He carried a little plastic grocery bag with him when he first came in the club (through the front door--this place is tiny). It must have had all the books in it.

His "Cuz Editions" all have their own little book covers.

I REALLY DIG "Artifact"--a little cigarette-box of a book which contains all the notes he kept in a notebook that Patti Smith gave him circa 1975. They're all printed in there, in this little tiny book. It has its own little gold-embossed bookcover, and some cool pictures inside printed on both sides of the page. (Who's the babe?)

One of the notes in "Artifact" was re. Paul Bowles' autobiography, "Without Stopping." (What trips me out is I just finished reading that book last week.)

He signed his books after the show.

He wore a corduroy coat with some sort of cartoon t-shirt. The 2000 version of that thrift-store look! Freakin' incredible how good he makes it look.

There was a Japanese guy trying to interview him for a website, I think.

There were at least four women in the audience wearing leopard-skin-patterned coats. Three of them were named Bernice.

His announcer smoked a cigarette at his table during the show -- I thought that was great. (SF's bars are mostly non-smoking now.) Innocence!!! Fuck all y'all SF-PC's.

Potential visitors to the Make-Out Room: If you like to drink a lot, PLEASE sit closer to the bathroom, and ABOVE ALL, refrain from SHAKING HANDS with the POET during the READING, OK?! ASS?

And tell your GIRLFRIEND to either CUT BACK ON THE BEERS or SIT HER ASS next to the BATHROOM DOOR. OK?
Bar-bathroom, bar-bathroom....

Thanks again, Richard and all who made the reading possible.

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