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Ork Discography

Posted by:Mitchell Cutler (‘nycmum@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 23 Mar 2005
I posted a question about an Ork discography a few years ago on Hell's message board. Funny how my research has lead me back to here. I've been working on an ork discography for some time now. What I have come up with is pretty much like one of previous postings, ironically posted by another "mitch." Anyway here is his discography with a little treaking.

ORK Records:
ORK 81975 Television - Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2.
(plain generic paper sleeve)

ORK 81976 Richard Hell - Another World/You Gotta Lose, Blank Generation (Picture Sleeve)

ORK 81977 Marbles - Red Light/Fire And Smoke
(picture sleeve)

ORK 81978 Alex Chilton - The Singer Not The Song EP
(picture sleeve, made out of cardboard)

ORK 81979 Prix - Girl, Everytime I Close My Eyes/Zero
(plain generic paper sleeve)

ORK 81980 Mick Farren - Play With Fire/Lost Johnny
(Issued in a (1) plain generic sleeve stamped "Banned" and as a (2)picture sleeve.

ORK 81981 Link Cromwell - Crazy Like A Fox/Shock Me
(picture sleeve)

ORK 81982 Chris Stamey - Summer Sun/Where The Fun Is
(Issued with two different picture sleeves: (1)B&W photo with orange border- matte paper, (2) Smaller B&W picture, white background- glossy paper)

ORK UK- Distributed by wea
Ork UK sleeves were a card stock paper.

ORK NYC 1(T) Television - Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2/Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2 (live) 12"

ORK NYC 2 Idols - You/Girl That I Love

ORK NYC 3 Revelons - The Way You Touch My Hand/96 Tears

ORK NYC 4 (The missing link??) I have not found this one yet. Perhaps, one of the two NYC 5's were missnumbered. (see below)

ORK NYC 5 Cheetah Chrome - Still Wannna Die/Take Me Home- I have purchased this off ebay recently and have not received it yet. The sleeve does say "NYC 5" on it. I am hoping the matrix number on the record might be "NYC 4" and will end the confussion about that.

ORK NYC 5 Student Teachers - Christmas Weather/Channel 13 (Sleeve is thin paper, not like the rest of the Ork UK's. It also differs from the other Ork UK's by not having the uniformed blue "Ork UK" label on the record.

The previously listed records are confimed and I do have a copy of all of them. If anyone wants scans of the covers I will be glad to email you a copy.

Now the unconfirmed:

ORK 81983- No idea, never read or heard of a record with this cat #.

NYC 4- No idea, never read or heard of a record with this cat #.

Never released: I have read stories about the following. Does anyone know if test pressings exist?

ORK 81984 Feelies - Fa Ce'La/Big Plans (unreleased)
ORK 81985 Blue Vein - Get off My Cloud/Connection (unreleased)
The Feelies single "Fa Ce'La" was deffinately issued at one point on Rough Trade. I don't own it, but I have seen it on Ebay very offten.

Some Questions I have:
Does anyone know if the Blue Vien's single was released on a different label?

Does anyone know if the Prix single was issued with a picture sleeve?

Take care,

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