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pyrotechnic madness

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 20 Jun 2005
Well, you missed quite a show, Madam.

He pulled a dove out - well, let's just say, out of a VERY surprising place, indeed. Sadly, the dove did not survive the adventure. He also blew his nose and a lot of cards flew out of it!! In addition to that wonderment, Richard explained about being nervous and having a dream image just before waking from his nap that afternoon of a head on a spike, with a spike in the eye (roughly) and wondered why he wasn't more creative than that, and decided it was a dream about nerves. After seeing the bird trick, I decided it was a dream about the trauma the dove was destined to suffer later on. He was wearing a magically colorful scarf, too.

He explained about the infrequency of his getting paid to go abroad and read aloud and how it made him all kind of giggly (okay, he didn't say that). Hell explained the premise of Godlike to the audience, which included lots of young London people who dressed a lot snappier than I did. He also explained in typical Hell style how he had riled at media descriptions of Go Now as being autobiographical, even though it is (qualifier, qualifier, qualifier, like, hopefully not the incest). He explained that the book about gay poets was autobiographical since all poets are gay, and said we'd understand since all English people are gay, too. Everybody laughed (then he did a surprising trick with a hardboiled egg, a kitchen torch- that is, for creme brulee, not a UK word for flashlight- and his shirtsleeve, to end the joke with a flourish).

Then he read from Godlike, which I'm nearly done with and which I still think is top of the charts. Last week, James devoted our entire column in Bath Magazine to Godlike and called it 'the best novel of 2005', and we imported some and are waiting for the Bath 'establishment' to rush in for it. We can tell them how much better than The Line of Beauty it is.

He stopped during some of Godlike to explain how to imagine he was actually dead so that we'd enjoy the reading more and to comment on a couple of other bits, and all the bits I loved about it that I'd already read were still fresh and sparkling to hear read aloud and it was very good.

He had a pause after two chapters to read an essay he wrote that hasn't been published that is about the Rolling Stones, that he likes. I thought it was a terrific essay and, again, reinforced the reasons I like to read Richard's writing. He read a final chapter of the book and then hung around hobnobbing with the young elite of London and we gave him a real nice present from our bookshop. The last thing he did before leaving the stage was to set fire to his hair.

One fun thing about the evening was that geraldine fibber from this forum bought up one of the spare tickets we had (some other friends came as well but someone had had to back out) and so we all got to meet and hang out and eat a late dinner at a really, really terrific gay-district restaurant up on Old Compton Road (is that right?), kinda several blocks north of Trafalgar square. I was excited when I went to pee and the only other women who came into the ladies' room weren't actually women, originally. Poor sheltered me, that has actually never happened in my life before. The restaurant serves an excellent menu of food pretty much all night long and we had giant burgers that were really good, and we drank some girl drinks and talked about fun things like music and writing. Picking up on the tone of the novel read earlier in the evening: after we walked out of the restaurant, James was propositioned almost straight away by a young-looking, foreign-accented boy, who said he'd give him a good price, but James declined.

That is the end of my report.

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