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I did forget about those.

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 21 Jun 2005
Actually, there were finger puppets. The other thing I forgot to tell you all about that happened was that two young ladies wearing very loud shoes walked out of the auditorium during the reading, not bothering to tiptoe or anything. Richard finally got visibly annoyed, raised up a finger puppet and made it say, '...I hope she's going to pee.' Then, he stopped again a moment later (after they were gone) and the finger puppet said, '...now I can't stop thinking about her peeing.' It may have only been one lady but when I looked over my shoulder I would have sworn I saw two. Perhaps her hair was just really big, or perhaps it was a trick of the light in my glasses, or another of Richard's sleight-of-hand masterworks. Then Richard said that the book (Godlike) was a bad influence on his finger puppets/mind. There, now I've told it all, I think. I hope you had a fun time at home, rich, though. Did you also have finger puppets?

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