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The Revelons

Posted by:Marc (‘Thyrdeye@msn.com’)
Posted on: 28 Jun 2005
I played lead guitar with them for about a year. They were so cool. I have a home mini brill building studio in NYC. What am I doing now. The following text was written before my songs were being played for industry people by CONNEECTED INDIVIDUALS.

As a testament to timeless pop and in celebration of the release of Brian Wilsons wonderous Smile I am proud to be promoting this seriously Beach Boys influenced CD. The album is called NEO has been created in a fantasy mini Brill building located in my NYC apartment living room recording studio. After a productive period of inspired songwriting, I and a small group of mega talented individuals have created some very special pop music. Power Pop, Retro, Sunshine Pop, whatever you call it, these songs have been really test marketed....and people love them. The music is timeless. If you like Pet Sounds, Burt Bacharach, Mamas and Papas, Nilsson, the Cyrkle, Association, Laura Nyro, Todd Rundgren, Carol King, Bossa Nova, Motown, Beatles, Byrds, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Webb, the Spoonful and other magical sounds you will love NEO. Below I have provided links where you can listen to clips. If you like the songs please feel free to contact me. I 'm currently selling the first NEO CD(released on my own Sleeping City Music label) on the Not Lame and CD baby sites. For online samples of the newest songs check out the Neo website. CDbaby has the longest clip samples. Below is also a bio and some reviews.
Hope to hear from you.


Below are descriptions of two soon to be released NEO tracks and two tracks from the 2003 release.

1)ENDLESS SUMMER– A sunshine pop opus that unfolds a mixture of Golden Beach Boy sun drenched harmonies wrapped in a rich blanket of Byrdsy rickenbacker jangle.

2)LIFE ON MARS– Beatles White album meets Nilsson somewhere over the rainbow. Sparkles with “Wizard a True Star” and Brill Building style flourishes.

3)TOO ALIKE - If the Beatles were children of Carlos Antonio Jobim they might have recorded this jazzy folk rocking Bossa Nova pop. Also evokes Carol King.

4)BABY BE GOOD - All one can say is several minutes of Beach Boys inspired magic.

Short BIO-
I was completely enveloped in the 77-84 CBGB MaXS music scene. Had a band called Radio City that was influenced by Big Star/Cheap Trick/ Shake Some Action Flamin Groovies/Raspberries. Played lead guitar in the Revelons who were protégés of the band Television. Later members of the Patti Smith Group played with the band. They have just released an anthology on Sepia Tone. Grew up in a circle of musically advanced teenagers listening to Love, The Move, Velvet Underground, Stooges, Small Faces, Spirit, and of course 60's pop radio.

Thanks for the interest. If you like it please contact me
Any feedback or suggestions would be helpful.
Marc Silvert thyrdeye@msn.com
Music Reviews: August 2004Ear Candy Magazine
NEO,"NEO" (Sleeping City Music) I don't know how many members there are in NEO or what their background is, but where in the hell have they been hiding? In the same league as Jellyfish and the Wondermints, NEO weaves a timeless string of perfect pop songs that is guaranteed to satiate the most hardened pop junky. Although you can detect influences of Revolver-era Beatles, Brian Wilson and even Burt Bacharach - NEO doesn't wear their influences on their paisley-colored sleeves. Its rare for a band to capture a mood or a feel of a time in music without you being able to say, "that sounds like…" NEO are original in that they reinvent classic pop to make it sound fresh. This CD gets the reward for the years most repeatable-play CD in my player. Hell, I even wore out one CD player recently and I'm pretty sure that this CD contributed! . Shindig Magazine September 2004 NEONeo (Sleeping City; CD) Like The Wondermints NEO’s youthful Carl Wilson/Gerry Love vocals and fine scope in sunshine pop and breezy early ‘70s FM radio soundalikes offer the listener an array of timeless pop sensibilities, wonderfully played and sung. The sometimes-sterile-synth production may distract from being able to become fully immersed in the ornate pseudo-orchestrations, but when left to the basic necessities of jangling guitars and great harmonies, it’s sublime. Real good.Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills.

Review from Not Lame the leading Power PoP website 2003

CD-R of some seriously Brian Wilson/Wondermints inspired sunshine pop! Think those bands, Lovin' Spoonful, Tony Rivers, The Association and The Cyrkle. Lovely, lilting melodies glide smoothly, crisply over gentle Mama and Papas, Turtles inspired melodies. Neo is a project from Marc Silvert, who was in the early 80's NYC band, The Revelons and worked with faves from that era Radio City and Buddy Love. But here, we have harmonies galore, brightening any room that plays this gem. A must for pretty much any fan of any of the bands mentioned above. Very Highly Recommended!
check out the music on the links below. If clicking on a link does not work you can copy and paste it into the address bar. That will work. Enjoy!
Link to NEO website: (for latest songclips "Endless Summer" "Life On Mars")

CDbaby (for the longest songclips, check out "Baby Be Good")

Read the review of Neo at Ear Candy

Read the review of Neo at Not Lame:

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