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Posted by:Michael L.
Posted on: 2 May 2000
Providing some measure of enlightment and definition:
I believe scurf is a Brit slang term for dandruff (cf. the Bonzo Dog Band song 'King Of Scurf", a 50's teenybop burlesque about a kid with unmanageable hair)
, so in the review's context I reckon the writer's trying to visually categorize the unwashed minority that constituted the US punk audience at the time. (Floppy moppy hair a la JoeyJohnnyDeeDee= umkempt = dandruff).
So there you go...
p.s. Hope Hell dug the tape of Burroughs reading at Naropa that I slipped him outside the club he read at in S.F. (Yes it were I...)

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