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Richard's (L.A.) Reading Rocked!

Posted by:Jacki Ramirez (‘phtomkr@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 9 Oct 2005
Richard read last Saturday at Beyond Baroque in Venice,
CA. Although I was fortunate to see him perform with the
Voidoids, it was the first time I had heard him read.
He was completely inspiring.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to remember every
word he said, but remembered instead that I kept getting
distracted by his hands-expressive, appearing very smooth.

A table was set up in the bookstore so that each person
could sit and spend a few minutes with Richard. He
took time to chat and sign my copies of “Godlike” and
“Hot and Cold”(on which he wrote some very nice words).
He also signed a copy of "Substitute", a magazine my
friend and I published so many years ago, which contains
an interview with Richard (posted elsewhere on this site).

(By the way, Richard: I did find another copy of the
magazine and will be happy to send it to you!)

I noticed when he wrote, he pressed on the paper so hard
that it left an impression on the next few pages. Deliberate.

Richard has continued to explore his unique vision and
his growth as a writer, an artist-is (again) inspiring.
So genuine. So amiable.

(He’s great. My dream date.)

Hope the book tour was a smashing success.

PS: Did any one else from the forum attend this reading?
If so, I need to know the name of the 2 poems he read.

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