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Where do you halve to go tutu, Richard?

Posted by:justh20? nah just curious (‘justh20@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 18 Nov 2005
and what would you talk to that Janean Garafalo on the phone about?

is she really that smART?

eYe am going to Italy today!
thanks for giving us the low down on what you're up to b4 eYe left?

when i get back from the CONtinent will check to see if i am incontinent!

hOWe do you hold beauty on your knees without letting it seep into the crack of your ASS or is that kind of "beauty" kNOT all it's cracked up to be?

Sew you are okay with Roy's characterization of your knee beauties as "poetry lovers"? (thought he would dispute this)

Yo one thing that cannot be disputed is that you are a fellow Literary aRt GeNius (all tho i am of a different gender, stILL feel as if we are two pees of a pod!) ref: yO they used to call me Sprinkles because i would laugh so hard i would wet myself?

Keep the faith and your journal giving_0_a_way?
yO that is yOUR journal, kNOw?

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