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said it before and I'll say it again

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 19 Nov 2005
Godlike is tremendously good, and I found it startling that someone at a reading asked you that, about making people squirm. I actually forget that there are people who don't just naturally assume that at least some of what they read, watch or listen to will describe unpleasant things, and that some people do not have an exerience of the description of unpleasant things sometimes being an integral part of the beauty of something. It would be useful, as a bookseller, if I remembered this a bit more often, but then again, I am not interested in presenting a false face with regard to my opinions. I still wish you had never said 'Jennifer Lopez', but hey, you can't win them all. Or, I can't, anyhow. I guess something has to make me squirm, some time, if not the vomit and stuff.

My latest sale of Godlike was to a (well known and talented) poet and musician who was real excited to see it was available. With some books, like Godlike, I find myself nerdily imagining my customers' thrill when they read them. It's pathetic. Meanwhile, I bought myself a very old second hand copy of the book 'The Night Life of the Gods,' by Thorne Smith, on the recommendation of aforementioned customer. I had never heard of Thorne Smith and he's largely out of print - has anyone out there read him? The suspician was that he lived in the February House, but it's hard to find mention of him. I hope I like it as much as Godlike will be liked.

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