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RIP, indeed

Posted by:rob duprey (‘rduprey@gloverequipment.com’)
Posted on: 16 Jun 2006
I just came across this news. What a great guy, great memories of the old days... Late mights, new adventures.
He was my boss (along with Earnest) at Cinemablilia. Robert Quine used to work there too, I think his real job was to keep everyone laughing with his sardonic humor... another great guy. My friend Duncan Hannah (who dragged me to the Television debut performance at some mid-town screening room) and I formed the (probably) first Televaision fan club. We'd coerce $10 from Terry for film for photographs, promply invest it in alcohol, and took pictures of the band live that were so awful they're actually cool! I think Duncan has them pasted in his journals somewhere. I thought Television was the coolest thing ever! I still actually prefer the old Richard Hell line-up, although that's REALLY the dim, dark past. I guess that's where my memories of the early CB's times diffe from the more lurid books on the subject I've seen over the years.
Well, fond memories, RIP indeed.

Hey to any and all of the old guys!

Rob duPrey

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