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Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 11 Oct 2007
First, the link: http://showbiz.sky.com/showbiz/picture_gallery/0,,50001-1287927,00.html - ooh ooh, I've just really looked at the Hell shirt - that's an AWFUL close match, there... hair shape, edge of face and jacket (see how jacket is angling back?? hey??). Oooh, kate. I finally listened to the music her ex boyfriend makes, and I think it was phenomenally bad, truly abysmal, and I can't understand how fans of one could be fans of the other, but then there's no counting for taste. And maybe, she's finding new horizons now that she has broken up with 'doughface'.

And, uh, yeah, she kinda makes my skin crawl, too. Give me, um, Franka Potente or someone like that for an iconic face, I really don't dig the Kate Moss thing. I guess I don't really get the 'icon' thing to begin with, anyway, though.

But her new boyfriend looks like one of our best friends, even more than he looks like Richard Hell, which makes me subconsciously warm to him. I bet he's not as funny as Tim, though.

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