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oh blarrgh

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 17 Oct 2007
That sounds like urban legend, rich, but I guess it's likely enough, hey (uh, the general practice, not necessarily Pete, right)!

I get really nuts seeing the masses of mistreated, often starving dogs attached to the homeless in Bath. What gets to me more is that there appears to be an actual social ethos that homeless people should have 'pets' as it 'gives them someone to think about other than themselves'. Doesn't take much consideration for the welfare of the animal, but hey.

This is particularly annoying when paired with the RSPCA's refusal to adopt kittens and cats into homes without outside access because 'it's cruel' for the cats not to get to go outside (not considering that the adopter might move, or make arrangements to have it outside, or that a one-eyed kitten - real experience here - would be likely to bite it outside pretty quick, etc.). Especially when you consider that in America, it's commonly understood that 'outside' cats have MUCH shorter life spans, what with traffic and all... Probably less of an issue over here, but still. Give me some sensible concern for the little things, please, England!(end rant)

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