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Richard Hell: ringtones and interviews!

Posted by:Matthew (‘iron.juella90@gmail.com’)
Posted on: 8 Nov 2007
"!!! GET Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation ringtones !!! "

I dont know why, but ^that^ made me laugh man!

By the way, I know there was something more relevant I wanted to talk about... I was just reading an interview with Hell from '97 I think... http://www.furious.com/Perfect/richardhell.html

It’s an interesting read. Hell always seems to come off as objective, perceptive and honest (despite the fact that he describes himself as a "bad interview"!). Some interviews (with other people as their subject) can be excruciating!

But anyway, one thing I liked about this interview is Hell’s definition/explanation of art. This is something that I personally racked my brains about once or twice, trying to come up with an answer. Trying to justify it to myself, as much as anything (why? I knew in my gut that I’d go nuts without music/artforms, but I couldn’t put it into words). I usually ended up embarrassed by the overly complicated pretentious bullshit I came up with, but here Hell puts it in totally simple, logical, realistic terms. He hit the nail on the head, in other words, sans bullshit. Yeah, it’s a good fuckin interview. I forget what else I was going to say, so it’s probably not important anyway…

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