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Growing up

Posted by:Debbie Jean (‘Debbiejean213@aol’)
Posted on: 13 Nov 2007
It's a challenge. For me it's about growing older without growing "old"(old being, I think, when you lose your spirit). It's about finding my way through life without losing my heart(or my mind, for that matter!) It's about not letting fear, apathy, and sheer exhaustion(!) steal my desire to play and learn.
When I was a teenager I couldn't see how I could survive without losing integrity, without becoming some kind of creep, and really, too, I was afraid of wrinkles!
And well, I probably died.
Youth is wasted on the young. It's about jealousy! But "youth is wasted when you're young" is amazing because it leaves my silly brain open, like maybe youth is something that belongs to you always! Or it could just be about regrets. Don't let them weigh you down, Matthew. Carry them, you got here carrying them, it's probably how you got here!
I'm not even going to attempt writing about Madam X's motto right now. I was thinking about compulsive behavior and William Blake and other complicated stuff,
but I need to go to sleep.

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