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Posted by:vince rezzo
Posted on: 4 Feb 2008
Treatments for the movie of PKM were kicked around for years. At one
point i think the people who made the (hitherto unreleased) MC5
movie were sposed to do it. Wayne Kramer was going to be the music

Legs originally wanted to call PKM "Dee Dee says the darndest things"
or something like that. But the book grew from his DD stuff into the
great scholarly cross-decades thing that it is

The PKM film has still not happened. But the closest thing you'll ever
see to it is Hey Is Dee Dee Home, a one hour(ish) DVD that basically is
DD telling stories from those times. The film is not for everyone. and it
too has a cumbersome, difficult backstory related to the Johnny
Thunders film.... but it is released and it is something of a peach

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