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cheap Dee Dee "doc" is not Please Kill

Posted by:Mitch
Posted on: 5 Feb 2008
I have to disagree with this. I never heard that about Please Kill Me starting with Legs's interest in Dee Dee. It's possible. Dee Dee is a riot and is the kind of thing, namely rock and roll as goofiness, that Legs likes. But Please Kill me was something much more than funny lines from Dee Dee Ramone.

And that Lech Kowalski movie of Dee Dee is not even a decent portrayal of Dee Dee. It's just Kowalski trying to squeeze out a few bucks for himself from dee Dee's death. The whole movie is just the footage of Dee Dee being interviewed about Johnny Thunders for the movie about Juhnny Thunders that Kowalski was trying to make. It's not even feature length. I think it's under one hour, and it's not a documentary about Dee Dee, but just Dee Dee jabbering in his kitchen because he's being asked questions about Thunders.

On top of that, if you look into it, you'll see that more than anyone else in the whole scene, when people who were part of it are asked they'll tell you that Dee Dee just says anything without any regard for the truth. It's funny and entertaining, but hardly any of it is true.

As for who should play Richard? Maybe Ryan Gosling?

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