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movies more like Please Kill Me than DD

Posted by:Mitch
Posted on: 5 Feb 2008
No. Dee Dee being a goofball is only maybe the style of 5% of what you get from Please Kill Me. If you're serious about what existing movie is most like the overall effect of Please Kill Me, there are 50 more like it than a damaged Dee Dee trying to be cute about Thunders. Drugstore Cowboy is more Like Please Kill Me, so is Sid and Nancy, so is Blade Runner even, or River's Edge. Just because the form of Please Kill Me is interviews with hundreds of people about what it was like in one particular time and place, that doesn't mean that one interview with just one of those people and one who's especially half-witted, is like Please Kill Me. Please Kill Me added up to more than the sum of its parts. Dee Dee is less than one part, rather than the sum of anything. And I enjoy him as much as anyone. Or as much as most people.

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