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oh please

Posted by:vicodin
Posted on: 6 Feb 2008
"Drugstore Cowboy is more Like Please Kill Me, so is Sid and Nancy, so
is Blade Runner even, or River's Edge...."

Oh please (kill me)

And why stop there? (You're killing me). But you forgot about Bill &
Ted's Bogus Journey, or Pee Wee's Big Adventure, or Breakfast Club or
even Yentl. Maybe those are all closer to being a movie version of PKM
than Hey Is Dee Dee Home

Your observations on HIDDH are not on the money. You think Kowalski
was just trying to "squeeze out a few bucks for himself from dee Dee's
death". How many bucks would that be now, maybe five or ten or
possibly even a hundred. Do you honestly think that was a "money"

If not all, then almost all the footage in that film was shot by Dee Dee's
friend and roommate Mark Brady. See Lobotomy (or Poison Heart in
Europe) if you doubt his authenticity. All the stuff in the blacked out
studio was shot by him (85% of the film) and almost all the DD home-
movies stuff too, including the 90 seconds or so in their kitchen when
DD is talking to his cat Landau. But for you to say that the movie is
basically "Dee Dee jabbering in his kitchen" is, er, spurious

Hang on a second, I gotta go and puke in the hallway for a minute.

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