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Give Nirvana a break, it's just RNR.

Posted by:Paul Delgado (‘doctorlove616@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 18 Feb 2008
Look Nirvana and The Voidoids are two completely different bands. To say that Nirvana is for people who have low IQ's is very insensitive of you. Nirvana might have used the same chords in alot of there songs but didn't The Ramones and The Pistols do the same? Yes the music of the 90's was centered around Nirvana but c'mon Nirvana is as Rock n Roll as The Beatles and The Stones, so give them a break. Yes Nirvana relied on alot of distortion but that's the beauty of rock n roll just look at Sonic Youth. The Pistols came out with one album and look how much of an impact they have on young inspiring bands and they weren't the best musicians and neither were the guys from Nirvana. And another thing to say they contributed nothing to music is like saying Chuck Berry contributed nothing to punk rock. So just consider my opinion if not that's fine just remember it's just Rock n Roll.- Paul Delgado

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