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Nirvana = nothing

Posted by:Johnson
Posted on: 21 Feb 2008
Mr. Delgado,

While I respect your opinion I have to completely disagree on your statement that the music of the 90s was centered around Nirvana, says who ? some music critics. Nirvana is famous because the media latched onto a sound that they thought was the next big thing, Cobain and the other grunge type bands offer little musically when compared to other great bands you mention like the Pistols, Stones, Beatles, Hell, etc. They are looked upon as some sort of pioneers because the music industry wanted to sell a lot of records to a gullible rock audience. Their music is the least inspiring of any bands I ever heard, and hey I like Pat Smear when he was in the Germs, not sure how he ended up in a band with no direction whatsoever as Nirvana, you could throw Hole in there as well as contributing de nada musically, Lydon stated this himself on Rotten Tv a few yrs years back. I've found that a lot of people agree with me on this subject, look at the collection of people who listen to this band and you'll also find other garbage like ; Korn, Blink 182, and so on.

I can think of 1000's of bands who meant a hell of a lot more in the 90s that nirvana.

Just my opinion though, guess it's all R-n-R like you say, cheers.

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