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Re; Richard and Rod

Posted by:Johnson
Posted on: 2 Mar 2008
Mr Slimedog,

You mentioned jokingly that HELL ripped off Rod Mckeun and took cues from artists like Gordon Lightfoot, allthough I myself listen to say punk rock more than these artists I do have their lps in my collection and once in a blue moon I'll listen to some old folk music from G.L. and a lost paradise record from the 60s like " The Sea " from McKuen.

You have to remember like HELL they are all poets, whereas small minded people like Cobain and Love wouldn't know what to do with a book on poetry except maybe plagiarize from it.

A lot of real artists usually start songwriting with a poem and expand from that point. Maybe "Another World" began as a poem before it became such a cool rock tune ?

Maybe Lightfoot began "I'm Not Sayin" as a poem before it became a folk tune and eventually being covered by Nico a bit later.

And so here we have a major difference I think that artists approach music. Most of these kids today who play generic crap like Blink 182, were never poets to begin with but just some dumbass with a skateboard who tries to imiatate what they have heard before. Cobain and Love appeal to people who have been conned by the music industry and are easily deceived. Their music is also BORING and their fans are like sheep easily led to buy the next fad that comes along because they think it's the cool band to listen to.

"Smells like Teen Spirit" is the most miserable sounding song I've ever heard, still means nothing to me.

There were 100's of bands who surfaced in the 90s who deserve far more recognition.

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