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Richard Hell Discography/Biography help

Posted by:throw-aways (‘throw_aways@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 13 Mar 2008
This has got to be the worst designed website I have ever seen, especially of a fairly distinguished musician.

I would really love to know an accurate discography/history of Richard Hell's recordings. I got more info from Robert Quine's site, and he's 1)not even alive anymore, and 2) not Richard Hell!!! I can't even comprehend why there would not be a complete discography section on this website.

I'm interested in knowing every unique studio Richard Hell recording (live tracks and imports of the exact same recording don't interest me as much), because I would like to eventually obtain every song Richard Hell has played on: Every Neon Boys song, every Television song (I guess those are probably only available as live tracks), all the Voidoids stuff of course, all the Heartbreakers stuff, all the Dim Stars stuff, and his solo stuff. Different sites give different info and I haven't found a comprehensive discography yet.

Any help?

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