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without cracking it open (oops)

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 2 Apr 2008
I think these lyrics are in 'hot & cold' - but I'll transcribe it for you now:

I'm thinking to myself one night and then it's gone like all the rest --
the victim of my sight and light that shoots in timelessness.
Sunlight re-and reinventing all the east and west.

When night applies the brakes until the whole place cracks to let the daylight out in images to be the facts there in the break's a door to all that time holds back.

I want to slip into the break at crack of dawn. "Why?"
To meet the funny friends who look like they got drawn by me, if only I could draw.

I fear I am imagining that such a thing can really be.
I know it can't, it's all made up, or anyway concealed from me.
Help me, cuz I need the desperatest of remedies.

I need to feel your kiss. I need a chance to spend
my energy, imaginey, that wouldn't injure friend
and you will get back twice the soulful thing you lend...

there - right from the book.

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