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I clearly

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 3 Apr 2008
was asleep in England when that shit rolled in, fascist censorship my ass. this isn't a democracy, and I have exercised (and will exercise) 'the right to remove the intolerably obnoxious'. What at first looked like slightly spikey aesthetic arguments started to turn into repeat postings with a clearly mean edge, and no usefulness here, so 'say what you want about Hell' was sort of beside the point - I didn't like the direction it was headed as a whole. Then I woke up to a load of escalated rubbish... Sorry to Jonathan and anyone else for not catching it straight away. There was no e-mail address to reply to to explain the removal of the posts, which we'd usually do. I'm removing a lot of posts I might otherwise leave if this hadn't become so fucking stupid. Call me mercurial, call me someone with an earache, but don't call me late to dinner.

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