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time of Richard's reading

Posted by:Roy Suggs (‘admin@richardhell.com’)
Posted on: 29 Apr 2008
Hi Therese,

I've found out that Richard will be reading at 4:00 PM at the benefit on Saturday, May 24. The occasion--described at www.poetryproject.com/calendar.php--is a fund-raising silent auction, and each reading is brief. The four or five poets or performance teams will present themselves for ten or fifteen minutes each, each at the top of one of the hours. (Richard may actually sing a song, though that's not definite. He may just read.)

Note that there's a door charge of $15--it's a fundraiser. A lot of poets and artists have donated books and artworks that will be on display and interested parties bid on them by writing down a sum offered. The highest bids at close of the auction (6:00 I think) win. There are always lots of bargains.

I think that covers it...

Your happy reporter,


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