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Johnny's TV Junior signature guitar

Posted by:Gabs
Posted on: 11 Aug 2008
Hello Roy.
I took a couple of listens to the recording and i must admit that one of the guitar players sounds very much like Johnny Thunders.
Don't know why Richard Hell denies ever having done such session (but he possesses a selective memory, anyway...) I have the 3-songs version (Lowest Common Dominator/Ignore That Door/Hurt Me)with nice quality sound, but i circulation there are different audio cdrs with 2 songs version (Hurt Me is delete).
Could -Hurt me- be from the Heartbreakers 75/76 SBS Yonkers Studio sessions in NY?
In this demo there's definitely another guitar on it (it's a Fender); easy to hear Johnny's TV Junior signature guitar, even if doesn't play all the time...
Nobody played, plays or will play the electric guitar like Johnny!
There are rumours that this session took place in the 171A rehearsal studio on Avenue A in NYC, in April 1981, with Chuck Wood, Naux, Johnny, Richard.
Somebody (possibly Mark Solomon) claimed to have B&W footage of it, but nobody i know has actually ever seen it...(?)
It would be great if the mystery was solved!
All the best.

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