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Devoto's Magazine reform

Posted by:rich d
Posted on: 31 Aug 2008
Not Hell related but I know that several forumists will be pleased to hear that Magazine have reformed to do 2 dates in the UK in Feb.

All original members bar John McGeogh, who died last year I think - "name Manchester guitarist" to take his place, God knows who this refers to - John Squire? More likely one of the Buzzcocks I suppose.

Sticking on the subject of reformations - looking forward to X Ray Spex next week and Polystyrene's website infers that Richard took a shine to Poly during their stint at CBGB's. Richard then made it into the lyrics on their LP.

I wonder if he was chuffed to be name checked by them or did the patented nihlism forbid him from taking it on board?

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