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small review

Posted by:rich d
Posted on: 8 Sep 2008
The X-Ray Spex gig was great. Poly exuded great charm and did well not to play up to the hackneyed 'angry punk' persona (which i don't think was ever her bag)that John Lydon still hawks around.

She was clearly enjoying herself and it wore off on the crowd. She was quite plump, possibly plumper than i can imagine anyone getting on lentils but she was captivating and (at the risk of sounding marginally creepy) had a great deal of sex appeal!

Almost everything off the first Lp was played and still sounded fresh and exciting. They opened to 'Oh Bondage Up yours' and the crowd of balding, sweaty 50 year olds were off at a pace.

They encored with 'Dayglo' and 'Oh Bondage..' again but that's fine. Great venue too - i think it was a disused locomotion shed for spinning trains around.

For a while i was back in my bedroom in the rather sleepy Welsh borders in 1979 clutching the 7" of Germfree Adolescents which my Mum's mate had lent me to play to death on the Dansette. This daydream passed quickly when i was hit in the face by an errant shoe which knocked my glasses off, where they were crushed and snapped by a massive half naked skinhead. I had to watch the rest of the gig through one lens held up on the arm of my glasses like the scarlet fucking pimpernell.

Never mind.

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