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Posted by:mercedes and jerry (‘jaxloves2spuge@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 18 Sep 2008
Dear Richard Hell,
My (Jerry) penis reminds me of your song 'love comes in spurts' and of your penis. Has anybody ever called you 'Dick Hell'? Does your dick giv'em hell? How many copies of Godlike did you sell? The characters in your book are similar, if not the same as Paul and Rimbaud. Did you ever have a similar relationship with Tom Verlaine? How is this any of my Fudging business? Fudge Packers!!! Thank you for writing 'Who Says' and 'Kid with the replaceable head'. We Love You! We Love You! Go suck an egg!
===Wet toilet paper sandwich
p.S. == Q.r.== they belong together like Match and Bonesaw / bad poetry and liquor.

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